WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Seeking a simple way of building and customizing your site for WordPress. This is where the draw and drop plugins for WordPress page builder come to your aid.

Page builders for WordPress enable you to design, edit and personalize your website scheme without entering any code. We compare the leading draw and drop WordPress page builders.

The Use Of Draw And Drop WordPress Page Builder

When composing a blog, numerous beginners encounter difficulty in customizing their page layouts on WordPress.

While plenty of premium themes for WordPress arrive with separate page layouts, the majority of those are exceedingly difficult in customizing for someone who is ignorant about code (HTML or CSS).

This leads to the question “Is there a page builder with an easy draw and drop for WordPress?

As you talk to people who shift to WordPress from Weebly or WordPress from Wix, their most popular reaction is “I wish there was a draw and drop WordPress website builder builder”.

Actually, there are various awesome draw and drop plugins for WordPress page builder. They permit you to design totally custom website layouts in WordPress while not keying one code line.

Among the multifarious page builder plugins for WordPress within the market, the following leading page builders for WordPress were compared and ranked to select the proper solution.

Our benchmark for matching these page builders for WordPress are flexibility, simplicity of use, and design output.

The below mentioned are the best WordPress page builders in the mart.

# 1 Beaver Builder

WordPress Page Builder Plugins

The Beaver Builder constitutes a premium draw and drops plugin for WordPress page builder. It is supposed to be the finest page builder for WordPress in the mart.

It is exceedingly quick and arrives with an inbuilt adapting tour to aid you to familiarize fast through the interface.

The Beaver Builder arrives with a real interface for drag and drop. You can view all your alterations as you include them by just drawing elements from the sidebar on the right and putting them up on your page. Next, you can select any element upon a page for editing its attributes.

Modules are available that allow you to include nearly anything you may desire like sliders, backgrounds, carousel, buttons, content blocks, besides others.

It also arrives with more than 30 exquisitely designed templates regarding landing pages which renders if super-simple and super-quick to design stunning website patterns. Beaver Builder is found to be extremely starter friendly. It’s also compliant with the latest WordPress version.

The updation of Beaver Builder is finished nicely together with the Gutenberg project. Accordingly, it operates excellently with your latest Gutenberg editor.

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# 2 Divi

WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Divi constitutes a theme involving draw and drops theme while being a page builder plugin for WordPress. It is exceedingly simple to utilize and arrives with 20+ templates/layouts for various types of websites.

Simply as Beaver Builder, Divi Builder comprises a visual page builder involving draw and drop, a real WYSIWYG editor (meaning what you see is what you get).

Begin editing with a preview of entire changes by directly clicking upon your page. You don’t require to save & click the preview for viewing your latest design.

Divi arrives with Forty-six content modules for you to draw and drop at any point in your pattern. You can stack them in three section kinds, 20-row kinds, and personalize each element employing its enhanced design settings.

Divi allows you to design any kind custom page arrangement wanted by you in minutes. Next, these Divi patterns can be saved for further use within your site. A layout from single Divi installation to another can also be exported.

The plugin for Divi Builder constitutes Divi theme backbone, still, it functions nicely with any different WordPress theme.

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# 3 Elementor

WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Elementor is one more potent draw and drop plugin for page builder in WordPress.

It comprises a real plugin for page builder which implies you are able to view your modifications live while editing it through Elementor. Just begin by designing sections and pick the number of columns concerning every section.

Widgets can also be dragged and dropped by the left console to your segment. Elementor arrives with a lot of widgets like most popularly utilized elements for the website.

From the text widgets and primary image to sophisticated accordions, testimonials, social media, sliders, tabs, etc. Every widget arrives with its individual configurations.

Elementor will even enable you to include widgets designed by different WordPress plugins. The readily usable templates that are included with Elementor can be easily added on your pages.

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# 4 Visual Composer Website Builder

Website Builder for Visual Composer constitutes a user-compatible website editor for WordPress that aids you design custom website patterns, quickly.

It is equipped with an easy builder for drag and drop, professional templates, content elements which are out of the box, and various powerful feature to form a website.

Just like Beaver Builder or Divi, real frontend editing feeling is also provided for creating a website. Plenty can be done by this plugin. As against different plugins within the list, Website Builder for Visual Composer permits editing of your menus, headers, sidebars, logo, footers, etc.

For this reason, the crew prefers to name it website builder, rather than simply page builder.

This plugin incorporates strong design alternatives to personalize the display of your page element. You have simple options to include stylish backgrounds like parallax, slideshow, gradient, carousel, video and zoom in or out, etc. it even arrives with flexible columns and rows for designing grid layouts upon your site.

The Visual Composer is compliant with all themes of WordPress. This enables you to exchange your themes while not losing custom layouts designed by you through Visual Composer.

Backing for the latest Gutenberg editor, Yoast SEO, and Google Fonts is also included. The professional design of Visual Composer is obvious by their care to details like memorizing your colour selections, which permits you to simply utilize similar colour palette regarding uniformity across your design.

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# 5 Themify Builder

Themify constitutes a common theme for WordPress shop that presents an inbuilt Themify builder containing the entire theme for WordPress. For the rest of the WordPress non-themify themes, you may obtain the Themify plugin for Page Builder.

This easy and extremely innovative page builder arrives with different readily usable modules for you to insert into your posts or pages. Most of these modules generally need you to set up individual plugins for WordPress.

The plugin contains 40+ pre-created layouts for various industries such as gym, portfolio, restaurant, photography, music along with online shops.

A layout can be imported with a single click, alter its content, to compose a splendid landing page in minutes.

The Themify Builder permits editing of your pages within admin area beside your actual site. Live editing allows you to view precisely how your modifications will look within the site.

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Trying to check out the finest WordPress page builder for your website? The following different WordPress page builders will aid to formulate your decision. These have been tried and tested and isn’t simply a list on the basis of marketing copy. They include effective features like simple interface, widgets or templates and styling options.

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