How to create a website to sell social media advertising services

Social media advertising service is for those businesses who want to reach a targeted audience – fast. It’s a pay-per-click campaign (PPC). a social media advertiser must know, how to set a target audience and give more ROI from the campaigns. Social media advertising services is one of the most popular services so create your website and sell services online. 

There are many platforms where you can sell your services like Linkedin, Freelancing, UpWork, and many more but these platforms are not your own, you are just a user of these platforms. Make your service selling website. With help of Woo Sell Services plugin, you can create your website without adding any extra effort.

Having a self-owned service selling website can get great sales and traffic. So WooCommerce is the best plugin for you but you can’t make a website alone with WooCommerce and must create a service website. It requires extra add-on plugins to create a website to sell social media advertising services.

Importance of Social Media advertising

A study shows that 55% of consumers learn about new products on social media. You can target your audience in a very filtered way. People find those bands more attractive than those shown in sponsored posts. Social media advertising is one of the finest ways that lead the brand to potential customers. The most popular platform where brands advertise their products is Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. 

This service is high in demand. Selling this service online can get you, many customers. Know how you can create the website to sell services online.

Plugins you need

A non-developer person can not make a WordPress website without plugins and themes. Plugins and themes don’t require coding, they just need a little setup and you are all set with a website. Here are some plugins that will help you make a perfect service website.

WooCommerce store plugin

Woo Sell Services

Woo product inquiry and quote 

You can add other plugins too according to your needs. 

Steps you need to do

If you are done with all the required plugins now you need a proper step-to-step guide to create the perfect website. These steps are easy you don’t have to add extra effort just follow the process step by step.

  1. Set up a WordPress theme
  2. Set up the WooCommerce store
  3. Set up Woo Sell Services plugin Add-on
  4. Add Service 
  5. Set up Woo Product inquiry and quote plugin Add-on

Step 1. WordPress Theme Setup

To sell services online installing WordPress theme is the first step. This step doesn’t require much effort. You just need to find a WooCommerce-compatible theme for your e-commerce store so find a simple and attractive theme and install it.

Step 2. WooCommerce Setup

Install the WooCommerce plugin from the add new plugin and set up the checkout and payment page. You don’t need to worry about it you can just fill in the details that it asks you. 

Know everything about WooCommerce and its setup.

Step 3. Add Woo Sell Services plugin

To add services to the WooCommerce website you need to add an Add-on plugin. Because WooCommerce doesn’t have an inbuilt feature to add services. 

After purchasing the Woo Sell Services plugin you will get a zip file that you need to install in WordPress. To install it you need to go to the WordPress dashboard and navigate the plugin option and click on it. 

Now click Add new plugin button in the upper left corner and then click on the upload plugin.

You will get the option to upload it. 

Upload it and you are all set to go.

Step 4. Add Service

If you know how to add products to WooCommerce, you don’t need to panic because it’s the same process as adding a product to your WooCommerce website. Let’s start with the first step.

First, open your WordPress dashboard and to WoCommerce and then products. After clicking on products a page gets opens. From here you can add new products and edit your old products. 

Click add new and then name your service “Social media advertising”.

service name

Now scroll the page and then navigate to the product data section and check the box of service.

Socia media service 1

Price your service and if you want to add your service for sale then you can add the sale price.

service image

You can set your service image from the product image on the right sidebar. 

This was the basic process that you have to do same for every single service. Now comes the main part.

After checking the service box in the product data section an additional field opened up. This section is for your customers so they can understand your services better. In that field you will find 3 sections:

Estimated time in days

SMM days 768x114 1

Fill in the estimated time that you going to take to complete that service.

Add Questions

SMM Add question

Before diving into some projects I am pretty sure you have some questions for your client. Here we are creating a social media advertising service so let’s set our questions on basis of this. 

What Information do I require before starting this project?

  • Brand name?
  • Social media profile access
  • Platforms for advertising?

These are the questions that I will ask my clients. You can add your questions according to your requirements. 

Now start with our first question, Brand Name.

To start with your first question click on the “Add question” button. You will see a menu with some question types where you select them according to your questions like if you require a simple text answer then you can select “text area” or if you want multiple-choice type questions you can select the radio button for it. Other options are also like this.

For my question, I will choose “text area”

Add questions options

You will see a question box where you have to write your questions and a description box where you have to describe your question so your customers can understand the questions better and answer them currently.

My question is, Brand name? And describe my question a little.

brand name question

To add 2nd question again click on the additional question. Now my questions’ answers will be a social media file so I choose the “Upload” option for it and fill in the all necessary details like before.

file upload

The next question is about platforms for advertising. I can use the text area option for it I want to make it a little attractive that’s why I will choose “Checkbox (multi-selection)”.


This is how you can add questions to your services for the customers. Let’s see how it looks to customers.

question frontend

Assign Support Agent

assign agent

This feature is for when you are not able to complete your project alone means you require additional support.

Step 6. Woo Product inquiry and quote plugin Add-on

In services, most of the customers want to negotiate the price and want to ask questions about your services. Adding an inquiry or quote option to your services will solve your customer’s problem. Woo product inquiry and quote plugin will help you with this. 

Having this plugin can boost your sale. You directly talk to your customers which is beneficial for your business. Add this plugin to your website.

Read everything about Woo Product inquiry and quote plugin Add-on

This is how you create a website to sell social media advertising services online with the help of WooCommerce and Woo Sell Services. You can add as many as services you want. You don’t have to pay for adding your service again and again. Just create your website in a very simple way and add your services as a product.


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