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Overall 61% of businesses gave positive reviews to social media marketing because it provides positive growth in the businesses including brand awareness, more inbound traffic, improve search engine ranking, higher conversion rate, and man more. So create website to sell social media marketing service with few easy steps.


Social media is useful for all kinds of businesses whether it is small or big it doesn’t matter. It allows you to show your services or product in front of vast number of people. This service has high demand in the market nowadays. If you want to sell this service online you don’t have to worry about for platforms to sell it. You can easily create your platform on WordPress with help of the WooCommerce Sell Services plugin.

Woo Sell Services is compatible with all multi-vendor plugins so if you are planning to make your website for multi-vendors it will help you there with all requirements.

Why Sell Social media marketing Service?

Almost all businesses know its benefits and how it going to help to grow their brand. A brand can’t ignore its benefits but It requires many things like:

  • Maintaining your profile 
  • Posting pictures, videos, stories, and live videos that helps you to grow the business.
  • Responding to comments, share, and likes helps to monitor your business.
  • Engage with Followers

A business person can not do these by himself because it is time-consuming and he has other work to do also. Reaching out to these businesses with your service can help both parties. Businesses require good Social media marketing that you have to offer them so let them get what they want. Create website to sell social media marketing services.


Plugins you need

WordPress websites require plugins if you don’t want to hire a developer to create your service website. Here are some plugins that will help you to create website to sell social media marketing services. 

WooCommerce plugin

Woo Sell Services

You can choose other plugins according to your requirement.

Steps you need to do

  1. Set up WooCommerce store
  2. Install WooCommerce sell Services add-on plugin
  3. Add Service to your store

Step 1. WooCommerce store setup

Set up your WordPress and add an e-commerce theme that is compatible with WooCommerce. WooCoomerce is a WordPress plugin with the help of it you can create an e-commerce store. You don’t require the coding skills to create your e-commerce business with it. Let’s set up your store:

  1. Install the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website. Check everything about WooCommerce
  2. Setup and Checkout and payment page. Just fill in the details of what it requires and you are done.
  3. Add Services ( First, install the WooCommerce sell services plugin )

WooCommerce doesn’t allow us to add services. It doesn’t have the feature to sell services in its store. You require a plugin for it so Woo Sell Services is the Add-on plugin that can help you to add services to the WooCommerce website.

what is Woo Sell services and it’s going to help you create a service website and it’s also support multi vendor plugins. About Woo Sell Services

Let’s add the social media marketing service to the WooCommerce website

Step 2. Install Woo Sell Services plugin

You will get a zip file after purchasing the Woo Sell Services. Now go to the WordPress dashboard and click on the plugin. 

Now Click on Add New plugin and then click on the upload plugin option then upload the Zip file and activate it.

Step 3. Add Service

It’s the same as adding a product in WooCommerce. Go to WordPress dashboard and then click on Products in WooCommere and then click Add new button.

Now Name your service ( Social Media Marketing ) and describe it.

Social Media service name
Social Media service name

Now scroll down and check the Service box in the product data section.

Socia media service
Social media service

You can add the price as you like, even you can add the sale price too. 

SMM service with woo Sell Services
SMM service with woo Sell Services

After selecting the service option you will get the extra field to add estimated time in days, add questions, and assign additional support. related to your service.

Add Estimated Time in Days

You need an Estimated time to complete the order so this section will tell your customer how much time will take to complete the order. You can update the date of completion if you are not able to complete your project on time.

SMM days
Service completion days

Add Questions

Add questions that you need to ask a client before doing social media marketing for their business. What I can ask my clients:

  • Business name
  • Website link if they have
  • Social Media platforms they want to work on
  • Business logo

These are all questions I will ask clients. You can ask any questions according to your requirement.

Now start with adding questions

Click on the Add question button, you will get options where you can select the question type.

SMM Add question
SMM Add question

If your question requires a simple text answer then “Text” would be the great choice for you. If you require any kind of files like images, video, or anything you select “Upload”. Other options are also the same, you can select them as your need.

Let’s see how I added all 4 questions:

My first question is Business Name so I select a simple text option and write it in the questions box.

Add questions options
Questions category

Let’s see how I added all 4 questions:

My first question is Business Name so I select a simple text option and write it in the questions box.

SMM business name
SMM business name

The next question is their website name, here I also selected the text option

SMM webite name
SMM website name

This question required a checkbox ( multiple) because these questions have many answers.

SMM multi options
SMM multi options

In the last question I need a file from the client so choose the upload.

SMM logo
Brand logo

What it will look like at the front end to your client.

SMM qns final

Assign Support Agent

assign agent
assign agent

If you think you need additional support for this service, you can add other users for support. For Example, my service is Social media marketing it requires optimization, content posting, content creation, graphic design, and more but I am not able to create content so I will assign a content creator for this work. Woo Sell Services helps you build a perfect service for your customers.

That’s how you can create website to sell social media marketing services website with the help of Woo Sell Services plugin. You can also add other services apart from Social Media Marketing it will only cost you a few minutes. Sell your services as products and run your freelance business. You can even make a multi-vendor marketplace with Woo Sell Services. 

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