How to set delivery date for variation level products?

Services with different variations is a necessary feature these days.
For example, you are selling a service for website designing, and you have 3 variations for that service.
Like 5 Pages, 8 pages, and 12 pages website.

Now you want to set a different delivery date for different variations Like 5-page website design will take fewer days to design than 8 and 12 pages.

Keep That in mind Woo Sell Services comes with a new update in which Vendors can easily set delivery dates for variation level services.

  • Navigate to Products> add New
  • Fill out service name and description
  • Check service Check box
  • Add attributes and variations according to your choice.
  • Click the Publish button to save the services
  • After saving once, Again navigate to variations where all of your previously added variations will be listed.
    Edit your variations and fill out the delivery dates in the provided meta boxes.
estimated delivery
Estimated delivery

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