Order Management For Vendor

Vendors can manage their services with woocommerce My Account page. This plugin provides a dedicated tab named services, Where all of the sold services will be listed along with their status and an order detail page which will display single service.

Service Listing : #

service listing
Service Listing

Order Detail : #

For this feature, Make sure to set the order detail page from back-end under plugin setting. you’ll find it selected on installation.

navigate to WB Plugins > Woo sell services > General and set the order detail page and manage the orders.

Set Order Detail Page

In case you don’t have this page or deleted mistakenly follow this GUIDE to create.

Now the order detail page is set. Set the seller role from WB Plugins > woo sell services > general > seller role(s) and manage the service.

seller roles
Set the Seller Role(s)
ordr detaoil
Order Detail Page


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