Sell Online Translation Services

As soon as we hear of WooCommerce plugin, the first thing that comes to our mind is an E-Commerce store. Using WooCommerce, the process of selling products and services have become extremely easy.

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Sell Online Translation Services Using WooCommerce

The plugin provides you with a lot of functionalities using which you will be able to create and sell a service or a product from your online store. WooCommerce also comes with a number of useful extensions using which you will be able to perform a number of tasks related to an E-Commerce portal. It is a complete solution for an E-Commerce store. 

Here we have listed before you the most basic steps to start selling online translation services using WooCommerce plugin: 

Step 1: Buy Domain And WordPress Hosting

Sell Online Translation Services
Sell Online Translation Services Using WooCommerce

First, you will have to purchase a web hosting plan and a domain name. The web hosting plan will determine how well you are able to manage your website. If it is a small website and you are just a beginner, then you should opt for a shared hosting plan. As you scale your business, you can change your hosting plan according to the current needs of your website. Numerous hosting service providers are available who can provide hosting services to your website. For massive websites, the managed web hosting plans are recommended.

The domain name represents your brand. It is the very name using which your users are going to search for your website on popular search engines. Choose something which suits your online store. It should be catchy and easy to remember. The domain name should also create a very good impression in the minds of your users. In order to find out whether a particular domain name is available or not, you can take the help of domain name checker tools that are available online.

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Step 2: WordPress Installation

wordpress installation
Sell Online Translation Services Using WooCommerce

Next, you need to set up and install WordPress. WordPress is the best platform to create an E-Commerce store. It is also extremely easy to install and work with. You can install all the important modules with just a single click of the mouse. Installing WordPress is a child’s play. What you basically have to do is install your database and connect it to the system and you are good to go. All the steps can also be carried out manually by following the instructions.

Step 3: Download WooCommerce Compatible Theme

After you have installed WordPress on your system, you need to install a WooCommerce compatible theme for adding styling to your WordPress website. The theme determines how exactly your website is going to appear to your viewers. WordPress provides you with thousands of themes to choose from. You should choose a theme which has all the features essential to run an E-Commerce store. It should also look visually appealing so that your viewers keep coming back to your website. Multiple such WordPress themes are available. Choose one such theme which integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin. Your theme should also be mobile-friendly as over 50% of the searches are done from mobile devices. Also, go for a multilingual theme which is also retina ready. Your theme should blend with the products and services that you expect to sell on your online store.

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Step 4: Install And Setup WooCommerce Plugin

set up plugin
Sell Online Translation Services Using WooCommerce

Next, you will have to install the WooCommerce plugin on your website. WooCommerce is an extremely powerful plugin and is specially designed for running an E-Commerce store. The plugin lets you display your products on your website in an organised way. It also allows you to sell your products in a hassle-free manner. Unlimited product variations will be provided to you. The WooCommerce plugin also enables you to sell affiliate products on your website.

Step 5: Get Woo Sell Services Plugin

Woo Sell Services is basically an extension of the WooCommerce plugin. It integrates with the WooCommerce plugin. The plugin allows the vendors to sell their services just like normal products. All they have to do is create a new product type call Services and they are all set to sell their services. The plugin provides you with a huge number of interesting features. It also allows the vendors to directly communicate with the customers so that they can discuss all the requirements. Some of the most important features of Woo sell Services have been mentioned below:

Service as a product: Woo Sell Services lets the vendors sell their service just like a normal product. A new product type called Services will have to be created and after that, the vendors can sell the services from the product page itself.

Service requirements: The vendors will be able to add service-related questions which has to be answered by the customers. This will help the vendor to understand what exactly the customer expects from them.

Order email notification: As soon as an order is placed, both the vendor, as well as the customer, will be notified of it. They will also be sent regular notifications regarding different stages of fulfilment of the order.

Vendor-customer chat section: Woo Sell Services allow you to add a dedicated chat section to your website. This allows customers and vendors to easily communicate with each other and discuss issues. It also makes sure that all doubts related to a particular service has been properly cleared. 

Order management section: The vendor and the customer will be able to manage their services using the order management section provided to them. The order management section is a very useful feature of the Woo Sell Services plugin.

Ratings and reviews: The vendor and seller will be able to post ratings and reviews about each other. The customer can give a review of the services they have received and the vendor can also give reviews about the customers.

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So, these are the steps using which you will be able to sell your translation services online using WooCommerce. Also, don’t forget to add the Woo Sell Services extension and give your users an amazing experience.

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