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Do you wish to offer online services to your customers? If you wish to design the perfect website for your company and give your business an excellent online presence, then this is the right place for you. Here we are with some of the best ways by which you can create a website to offer online services to your customers. 

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website to offer online service

Designing a website that offers online services is not an easy task. There are a thousand little things which you have to keep in mind while designing your website. Your website should allow you to manage all your services effortlessly. You can create your website either by using a website editor or by using WordPress. However, before you decide which option to go for, you must analyse the pros and cons of using both and then start to work on your website.

  • Website editors come with a simple drag and drop tool using which you will be able to add different elements to your webpage. However, WordPress is a content management system. WordPress gives you the entire control over all the elements to your webpage. You do not require a drag and drop interface, you edit your website.
  • Website editors provide you with a number of inbuilt tools using which you can add different features to your webpage. But in the case of WordPress, you can download the plugins and give the desired functionality to your website.
  • WordPress websites are more easily customizable as compared to the websites designed using website editors. Also, you do not require any coding knowledge in order to customize your website. Multiple WordPress themes are available in the market which can give the desired look to your website.

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What are the steps to create a website to offer online services?

Step 1: Get a domain and a hosting plan.

domain name and hosting
website to offer online service

The first step to create a website is to purchase a domain for your website. It is very important for you to choose an appropriate domain for your website. should be short and simple. and also be easy to pronounce. Then you should require a domain plan. Different domain plans are available in the market based on the services they offer. Choose the plan which you think is most suitable for you.

Step 2: Installing WordPress

installing wp
website to offer online service

WordPress is the best open-source software using which you will be able to design your website. It has thousands of available themes and functionalities using which you will be able to develop an amazing website for your company. Its also allows for easy customization options.

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Step 3: Add the required plugins to your WordPress website

to add plugins
website to offer online service

In order to run your business effectively, it is of primary importance that you install the right plugins for your website. There are hundreds of plugins available which will allow you to manage your online services with ease. Woo Sell Service is one such plugin.

Woo Sell Services: The best plugin to sell online services

woosell services
website to offer online service

This is one such plugin which allows you to sell your online service to your customers. It is an amazing plugin and is packed with essentials. It works perfectly with the WooCommerce plugin. Woo Sell Services will allow the vendors to sell their services online. It also enables direct conversation between the vendors and the customers so that the customers can directly explain their requirements to the vendors.

Features of Woo Sell Services

  • Woo Sell Services allows you to sell your services like a product. It works in a way similar to WooCommerce. It creates a new product type called Services using which you can easily sell your service online. The vendors can directly create a service from the product page.
  • The vendors can easily ask their service-related queries to the customers. This will allow the vendors to understand what exactly their customers want from them. The customers can respond to the queries and let the vendors know about their requirements.
  • Once the order has been placed successfully, both the customer and the vendor will receive step by step notification about the order. This will keep both of them updated about the progress of their order.
  • There is a dedicated chat section where the vendors and customers can communicate with one another and exchange their ideas. This makes sure that all the doubts related to the service are cleared before a particular order is made.
  • There is an order management section as well where the vendors and the customers can manage the details of their orders. 
  • Both the customers and vendors can review and rate one another once the product has been successfully delivered. The vendors can give reviews about the customers while the customers and give a review about the services they receive.

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So, if you wish to design an online store that sells services to the users, then Woo Sell Services plugin is definitely the right choice for you. It is one of the best WordPress plugins available in the market. The plugin will definitely help to give a new dimension to your online business. It is also quite affordable and even a beginner will be able to use this plugin without any difficulty. Woo Sell Services also provides you with in-depth documentation and video tutorial which will provide you with step by step instruction regarding how to install the plugin and what are its main features.

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