If you are a service provider, online sales can save you a lot of time, cash, and hassle. It might likewise be simpler for your clients, who may like to book appointments, work together and make installments at that point and place they pick. However, it’s challenging to find out the ideal approach to list your offers, collect installments from your clients, market to the correct audience, and coordinate with existing tools. WooCommerce gives solutions for every one of your interests with a solitary stage. While you can imagine online stores selling physical or digital items, numerous organizations use WooCommerce to sell services, rentals, and book appointments. WooCommerce is ideal for services-based organizations. Think about how to offer WooCommerce services and grow your store’s usefulness to arrive at your clients more likely.

Advantages of using WooCommerce to sell services

One of the primary reasons WooCommerce is the ideal alternative for selling online services is its adaptability. You can plan nearly anything and add limitless usefulness to your site on the association library and expert data. At last, you can make the ideal arrangement that is custom to your particular audience. 

Make simple payments for your clients.


The simpler the payment cycle is for your clients, the simpler it is for them to pay you. With WooCommerce, you can send your clients links to services you didn’t buy, where they can play on your PC or phone, regardless of where they are. 

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Show the services all the more adequately.

Show and list your services in an outwardly engaging manner. Likewise, you can make it simpler for your clients to look and discover your store so they can discover precisely the thing they’re searching for. 

Selling sales and cross-selling

Without downloading or introducing a single extension, WooCommerce allows you to make suggestions for related administrations and offer refreshed client assistance plans when making installments.

Repeat refunds

Do you charge month to month for services or put clients on an installment plan? Use WooCommerce with the Subscription extension to stack your customer accounts naturally. No, you are chasing them to pay! 

Effectively integrate with your current tools. WooCommerce is coordinated with many stages for email advertising, installment handling, bookkeeping, and client management. There are many other advantages of using WooCommerce.

How to Sell Services Using WooCommerce?

Sell Services

Install WooCommerce Plugin on Your WordPress Dashboard

To set up a service utilizing WooCommerce, start by installing the plugin. 

Follow the steps. 

  • Go to Plugins> Add new 
  • Type WooCommerce In Search Box 
  • Click on introduce now. 
  • Click Activate now. 

After finishing the installation interaction, you are now prepared to make the services.

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Add Service Product to Your WooCommerce

You can see the Add product screen; from here, you can add services to sell in WooCommerce. 

  • Click on “Item” >Add New. In the item name field, set the name of the help you are giving. Add a description and a short description. 
  • Whenever identified with your services-based business, you can add product pictures to your administration on the WordPress dashboard page’s right side. There, you can add your item description, categories, labels that you can use to organize your services, so it is effectively accessible by your clients.
  • Move the Product information segment, check the case “virtual,” and add your administration’s cost. 
  • Move the product tab to limit the number of administrations that clients can purchase from you in WooCommerce. 
  • Finally, click on “Distribute.” Repeat the steps for each service you need to sell in WooCommerce.

List the Services You Are Offering on Your WordPress WebSite.

We need to put the product that we need to show toward the site’s front in this part. This is a vital part since clients see your services on the front end and get them online. WooCommerce comes in usefulness for showing products. 

But if that is the case, you need to pick another format. You can utilize the WooCommerce Product Table extension to show the service. 

In this, the services should be organized reasonably; one can discover the services they need by typing the services’ namesThe in the inquiry bar. Here, clients can see costs, pick choices, and add services straightforwardly to their cart.

Use Product Variation to Select Different Choices of Services

WooCommerce additionally gives you the alternative to make a variety of product benefits. You have a product variety choice to choose the product type. To do this, follow these means: 

Go to the “product information segment.” 

  • Select product type “variable product.” 
  • Make Attributes from the “attribution” tab. 
  • Add cost in “virtual box.”

Use Subscription of WooCommerce To Sell Service

Use Subscription of WooCommerce

The membership-based business is an extraordinary extension for the company that makes recurring product benefits. 

When you offer a subscription to your clients, you show your client a profit by repeating subscription administrations. 

Furthermore, all things considered for a fixed timeframe, for example, one week, one month, and so on. Thus, clients feel a conviction that all is good and trustworthy. In this way, they spend heavily and feel an extraordinary and ensured deal.

You can utilize the WooCommerce Subscription that coordinates perfectly with WooCommerce. Now Install and activate it. 

At that point, your WooCommerce subscription plugin is prepared to utilize. This will set all progressing installment entryways or subscriptions for all your services. Clients will be consequently looked at using their installment gateways.

Use Product Add-Ons

The WooCommerce item addons plugin permits you to choose the ad-on services for yourself. You can choose your extra optional service in WooCommerce. This alternative shows up alongside an add-to-cart button, offering fantastic offers to add more services to their order. 

WooCommerce additionally offers you advertisements for services for your service-based business.


woo sell services

We realize how significant every moment is with an online business. We will help you guarantee that you don’t waste any minute and offer the best types of help to your customers. It will ensure that you will not need to stress the back-end benefits and make a protected site these days.

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