Are you interested in beginning an ecommerce business or online store, but don’t know the best way to sell your product? Check out sell with WooCommerce.

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Products You Can Sell With WooCommerce

Not possessing an online store implies you could be abandoning a great opportunity for more revenue. The advantages of online stores over conventional “brick and mortar” stores are many as they are open round the clock, day and night, further, it’s open to anyone, anywhere having an internet connection including tablets, computers, and mobile phones. The expanded hours enables you to garner more revenues without boundaries.

Another benefit of online stores is the capacity to show more items, sizes, and colors, aiding consumers find what they require without the restrictions of shelf or rack space. An online store allows you to keep precise inventory, affording customers quicker and more definite results.

Now that you’re inspired to sell your goods and services online, which type of products can you sell? These are the list of product types that you can sell with WooCommerce.

1. Sell Physical Products

Sell With WooCommerce
Sell With WooCommerce

Similar to any other web shopping cart, WooCommerce can be employed to sell physical products online. WooCommerce will aid you keep up your product catalog, price your products, manage order status, and calculate sales tax and shipping. You can even design coupons to present an incentive to customers to purchase from your store.

These are all regular features of any shopping cart system. However, WooCommerce is more flexible than different shopping carts.

If you possess some specific business requirement, numerous WooCommerce extensions are present to aid you fine-tune your store without needing to hire a programmer. Like WordPress, WooCommerce provides a solid core of features made even more precious by an ecosystem of add-ons that offer the ultimate in extensibility and flexibility.

2. Sell Digital Products

Sell With WooCommerce
Sell With WooCommerce

Apart from physical products, WooCommerce can sell digital products. A digital product is something that can be downloaded – from a feature length film to an ebook.

This is where things begin to become interesting. After you set up shop, WooCommerce operates the store for you: processing payments and offering customers with access to their purchases. WooCommerce also secures your download links, ensuring that only paying customers obtain access to your digital products.

3. Sell Your Time

Sell your time
Sell With WooCommerce

WooCommerce isn’t simply for traditional eCommerce traders. Professionals and consultants can employ it to sell their services online.

There are some different ways to sell your time with WooCommerce. You can either sell your service as a product (“estate planning,” for instance), in which event you would charge a flat rate for the service provided. Or sell your time by the hour (“book 10 hours of my time @200/hour”).

Both ways, your service is simply another WooCommerce product. The main difference is that you examine the “virtual” box on the product setup page. That informs WooCommerce that the product can’t be shipped.

One benefit of selling your time online is that you can provide your clients flexible payment alternatives. For instance, you can accept credit cards for instant payment, or Cash On Delivery (COD) if you’d choose to make your customers pay you when your service is made.

You don’t even require a special extension to sell your services with WooCommerce. The free plugin promotes virtual products out of the box.

The WooCommerce Bookings extension lets you carry things to the next level by allowing your customers book specific blocks of time. This can even be used to reserve and charge for time-related resources (for instance studio time, yoga lessons, personal trainers, or any resource that needs advance booking). 

4. Sell Membership Access To Your Website

This is a superb option for highly skilled experts ready to share their specialized knowledge. If your website is filled with high-value content, a membership website can convert your readers into customers.

This is a little twist on digital products. A membership system converts your website into a product. Based on your business model, you can either charge a single-time fee or a recurring subscription. WooCommerce offers you the flexibility to do either.

You’ll require at least one commercial extension to build your membership website with WooCommerce. Groups for WooCommerce is the simplest to setup. If you require more features think about using Membership for WooCommerce.

If you intend to present subscriptions with recurring payments, you’ll also require WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Of the different product types you can sell with WooCommerce, membership sites are the sole one that needs a minimum of one paid add-on. It should be pointed out that almost all WordPress membership plugins levy an annual fee for updates and support.

One benefit of WooCommerce is that it’s sufficiently flexible to support diverse product types on the same site (selling membership access and presenting consulting packages, for instance). That’s not something that’s easily achieved by other plugins.

5. Tickets To An Event (Online Or IRL)  

The ultimate product type you can regard to sell with WooCommerce is a comparatively new one: tickets. The Box Office extension allows you to offer customers access to events, which are either online (like webinars) or offline (such as conferences).

Box Office was developed and tested for personal WooConf site, for physical ticket sales as well as livestream ones. This was a splendid way to check out its functionality and display what it was able of pre-release.

How can you include ticket sales to a running business? Nice question. Gotham Studios has done it: they currently  sell tickets to gallery shows and on-site events besides access to workshops, downloads, and in-person lessons.

The ticket and event are both free, though Box Office is still employed to efficiently gather attendee information.

Woo Sell Services

This constitutes a WooCommerce (WordPress) based  software that enables a service provider to sell services to  consumers from his WooCommerce (WordPress) website. Its presents a comprehensive solution for service providers and consumers with many advanced features all in one place.


  • Permits a vendor to sell services simply like a product.
  • Permits both customer and vendor to get real-time notification for every update through email.
  • It presents service providers features to include service-based questions that a consumer should answer to start an order.
  • This software presents a dedicated real-time chat segment for a service provider and a consumer.
  • The software allows both customers and vendors to rate and review one another after the final delivery of service.
  • Its also presents a service management section for the two parties to easily administer their orders.

Download Woo Sell Services

EDD Sell Services

There are lots of plugins that permit one to sell products through their WordPress website. The two most popular ones are WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. While WooCommerce permits you to sell all kinds of products like downloadable, physical, virtual and others, Easy Digital Downloads permits you to sell digital services. So, if you are intending to sell products such as PDF, music, audio or some other digital product online, you can opt for Easy Digital Downloads.

Selling services online employing Easy Digital Downloads is now very much possible with this EDD add-on that permits vendors to list services simply as a product on their EDD store. If you make money by offering different services to your clients like writing a blog, designing a website, performing SEO, logo, etc, and wish to begin earning online from your individual site, you can quickly do so with the aid of this plugin.

This plugin includes a new product type named Service from where a Vendor can add his service. It also permits vendors to include requirements for customers that will be required for the order to process. Further, the vendor as well as customers will receive a separate conversation section to discuss service details and can even review each other after the service has been concluded by the vendor.

Features Of EDD Sell Services:

EDD Sell Services operates in total integration with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and also presents dedicated support for the plugin. This plugin contains a package of features for vendors as well as customer roles.

Service Just Like A Product

This plugin permits the vendor to sell service similar as a product is sold. It will include a product type called “Service” which once chosen will permit the vendor to add his service.

Adding Multiple Questions

Similar to Fiverr, this plugin also permits vendors to include a set of questions or requirements which require to be answered by the customer to begin the service order. Vendors can include multiple questions of various types. A customer will be needed to submit the necessary details to begin order processing.

Dedicated Conversation Channel

EDD Sell Services also presents a dedicated conversation channel to vendors and customers where they can chat about anything concerning the service. If a customer has any queries about the service being done, he can just ask it from the vendor in real-time through the dedicated conversation section.

Easy Order Management

This plugin also permits vendors and customers to conveniently manage all their orders through a distinct service management page. Their entire services get listed on this page and the two parties can take relevant action through this page only.

Including Reviews And Ratings

The importance of reviews and ratings in business is well-known and considering this aspect, EDD Sell Services permits both customer and vendor to include ratings and reviews for one another after the two of them are satisfied with the services.

Email Triggers For Orders

This plugin also allows email triggers for both customers and vendors after an order has started. Immediately upon the purchase of a service, the two parties will receive email notifications for it. Moreover, both the customers and vendors will get live notifications for every order status like Order started, order in progress, etc.

Final Delivery Feature

EDD Sell Services also offers vendors and customers with a final delivery checkbox which they can checkmark after final delivery has been dispatched and received. Once checked by the vendor, the final delivery will reach the customer for approval and upon satisfaction the customer will checkmark the box to finish the order.

Download EDD Sell Services

Create Online Community


Now that you know about the various types of products that you can sell with WooCommerce, you’re prepared to be the next Netflix or Amazon. 

Flaunting more than 20 million downloads, WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress websites, which implies it’s an open-source platform that offers users with a feature rich, yet highly user-friendly experience. Users are provided flexibility to effectively sell with WooCommerce their products, and doesn’t compel  users to stretch beyond their comfort zone when developing their online store, still simultaneously, it readily opens the door for more than simply ecommerce.

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