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In today’s world, you can Start a Service Business online and easily make money. It’s 2021 and millions of freelancers are running successful businesses online. And what’s the best place to start? WordPress.

“If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business.” Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder

Why WordPress

WordPress is easily the best content management system out there. It is incredibly easy to use and provides a user with endless themes and plugins – free and paid. It allows you to scale up and extend its functionality; which means you can build any kind of web variation-level dates application with the help of WordPress.

How to sell services online with WordPress?

sell services online
Start a Service Business


This article is a beginner’s guide to how to start an online service business with WordPress. Let’s begin right away:

1. Business website

WordPress is going to need a website – no matter what kind of service you want to provide. A website is going to be the best marketing tool for your brand. To have a good website, you need a good hosting plan, a relevant domain name, and a professional WordPress theme. It also helps to have plugins for sitemaps, analytics, and so on.

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2. Organize resources

Now, the second step is to have a payment gateway such as PayPal. You will also need an app or software for bookkeeping purposes. Having a freelance contract template is a bonus. Lastly, invest in a good storage app such as Google Drive.

3. Have a detailed plan

You need to plan everything – right from acquiring clients, promoting your business, managing your products, invoicing, and everything else. If you make your administrative aspect seamless, you will be able to focus more on the business aspect of your work. Moreover, if you have the resources, you can outsource the admin work.

4. Promote

A lot of businesses fail because owners don’t promote it well. Promotion is what will take your business ahead and give you a place in the digital world. Since you already have a website, you can have great landing pages and popups to direct people to your website. Another great way is writing blogs and using social media to its maximum advantage. If you want to, invest in paid advertisements too.

Growing your online business

Before you think of growing your business, ensure that you have a fixed recurring income. Have a baseline and when you achieve that, you can try and create new revenue streams. You can grow only when you have an assured cash flow. Additionally, you can grow your team and add expert employees to help you expand your business. Again, WordPress can help you scale up with multiple employees by providing plugins to manage your team.

What is WooCommerce

Start a Service Business

WooCommerce is a self-hosted e-commerce platform that gives you complete control over your online store. You are free to compare prices for various services and begin with the lowest-cost option. As a result, you can start a WooCommerce store for a lot less money than you can with BigCommerce. The downside of using WooCommerce is the steep learning curve for newcomers and the scalability issues that arise as your business grows.

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Selling services online with Woo Sell services

With Woo Sell Services, you can take your WordPress website which is powered by WooCommerce to the next level. All you need to do is add the services section on your WooCommerce store and voila – you can sell your services just as products online.

Woo Sell Services allows you to sell services without much hassle. It is a plugin that lets vendors sell online and adds a conversation section, wherein customers and vendors can discuss the requirements of the service. Additionally, it also provides you with a product review where customers can give their ratings.

Here are some unmissable features of Woo Sell Services:

  • Service as a product: Selling your services as products is super easy!
  • Email notification: Vendors receive a real-time email notification when an order is placed. Additionally, it also sends emails after the order has been completed.
  • Conversation section: As mentioned before, this plugin gives you a dedicated conversation channel that can make the entire process simple for both the customer and the vendor. This leads to zero doubts and issues in the future.
  • Order management: Woo Sell also provides you with an order management section for both the customers and the vendor. This leads to effective management.

Backend setting with Woo Sell:

  • You can access all services on the ‘service’ page.
  • It can manage variation-level delivery dates.
  • You can manage live conversations and emails on conversations.
  • You can send customer notifications with requirement details.
  • You can take advantage of support agent functionality.
  • It allows you to assign an order-level support agent.

Digital services you can provide with Woo Sell Services:

woo sell services
Start a Service Business
  • Programming and tech
  • Digital marketing
  • Video and animation
  • Writing and translation
  • Music and audio
  • Graphics and design
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

The plugin is easy to use and ideal for WooCommerce based service portals. It only requires you to install the plugin and finish a quick setup. Woo Sell Services also provides you with extensive documentation to set up your products and services and provides excellent support!Woo Sell Services



So, there you go! We hope now you have a detailed idea about how to start an online service business. Woo Sell is an excellent tool to use. We highly recommend it. Thank you for reading and all the best with your online business! We wish you all the best!

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