WooCommerce Extensions And Add ons

Among the most leading eCommerce solutions for WordPress is the WooCommerce plugin that supports various product formats, offers currencies and tax options, integrates several shipping processes and provides in-built assistance for PayPal, bank transfer and cash on product delivery. What gives a cutting edge to WooCommerce over different e-commerce plugins is its assortment of both free and premium extensions and add-ons.


WooCommerce Extensions And Add ons

Here are some of the excellent WooCommerce extensions that supplement additional features to the WooCommerce plugin such as simple customization of style, advanced shipping, WPML translations that lets you translate texts missing from posts or pages. If you view the number of extra add ons to WooCommerce, it becomes clear that it perfectly caters to all the requirements of online retail stores.

1. WooCommerce Memberships Bundle (Premium)

The WooCommerce Memberships bundle is the best add-on to form your personal membership or to generate online business based on subscription. The inclusion of the subscription plugin lets you build a subscription product within WooCommerce that can be linked with your membership scheme and develop a traditional membership.

You can make the sale of the monthly subscription box, make a premium newsletter for weekly investments, and provide premium monthly assistance for your clients of web design. This bundle contains 19 prime WooCommerce add-ons to increase membership levels, personalized site access, billing plans, products, and multiple payment systems.

2. Woo Price Quotes

This plugin assists in quoting the products that are to be hidden by the admin while displaying its purchasing information. This lets merchants create numerous rules to conceal price or add to cart for customers who are not logged in or roles. You can conceal price and add to cart for exclusive products and categories.

The users are not able to scan the purchase information of the product any longer, instead, they have the choice to send a query with regard to the product. If any product has been selected by the consumer, with a quoted price, this plugin shows an inquiry form on the product single page that permits the consumer to send their demand for the product. The author of the product will get the product inquiry email and contact the consumer accordingly. Woo Price Quotes conceals the prices of products that are selected or for every product and inserts Enquiry Form on the separate description page. Finally, customers desiring to buy the product based on the quoted price receive an email.

3. WC Audio Preview

WC Audio Preview plugin adds an extension to the big league of “WooCommerce” that lets you add the Audio Preview feature on a single page for your products. A great WordPress plugin that has an inbuilt preview button inside the product archives or list.
It is an audio player that allows your customers to preview audio files or online music. WooCommerce Audio Preview Plugin can be easily configured in two steps. This addon plays the audio files in sample mode to restrict illegal downloading of the audio files. The button on the single product page lets you preview the audio. A meta box extended by the plugin lets you insert a sample audio file that can be previewed.

6. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

Assessing that 70% of your potential buyers would prefer a review prior to buying the product the WooCommerce team has made an extension that lets you approve product reviews from buyers, replete with video and images. Your buyers can also filter reviews by upvote or downvote reviews, star rating, and enhances user interaction

7. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

A free WordPress plugin you can receive payments through Stripe. Stripe makes the approval of main credit cards like Visa, American Express, Diners Club and MasterCard and also Bitcoin possible. There exists no setup price for Stripe and you begin to receive payments instantly. Yo do not require an authentic SSL certificate to integrate Stripe and receive credit card payments but your customers can use the option to use their credit cards.

8. Product Extras – WooCommerce Addons Plugin

Your customers can personalize the products offered by you through the Product Extras extension. A premium plugin Product Extras makes it convenient for you to extend customizations to your prospective buyers. Be it initials on towels, or prepare your own gift containers, Product Extras simplifies the process. Simply apply the innovative “Product Extras” alternative while creating or making changes to a WooCommerce product.

Insert checkboxes and pulldowns for choosing products, insert a personal message field, present gift wrap, show selectable swatches and much more. You can also exhibit extra products (simply keep in mind to add these as child items). In addition, Product Extras increases the price of the final product since extras are included or added. Product extra also supports WooCommerce, Bookings, Subscriptions, WooCommerce Print Invoices, PDF Invoices of WooCommerce and its add-ons.

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9. Open Point Of Sale – WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS)

An effective way to expand your WooCommerce transactions and business and spurt sales.is online selling of your goods and in-store products through WooCommerce and the Open Point of sale add-on. Using this plugin helps to easily sell your items and online products directly to the buyers, and even for a brick and mortar outlet. OpenPOS lets you process purchases and accommodates your stock or product reserves in real-time.

This plugin can also print a receipt for your product buyers onsite. Also, its potential to refund or exchange helps to satisfy the customs and bring them back again. Other remarkable features include assistance for multiple stores and registers, barcode scanner friendly, rebates and coupon, options for split payment, session details like logins, location, cashier name, and IP) besides more. With nil monthly fees Open POS is an amazing investment for various WooCommerce outlets.

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10. WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes

Do you want to provide customers exclusive pricing for choosing their own assortment of goods? This is where Custom Product Boxes come in. This terrific plugin lets you form bundle offers for the WooCommerce outlet where buyers have to pick from different products (such as 12 assorted pastries for $ 12, a choose your own gift basket, or a WordPress developer choose-3 services scheme).

11. WooCommerce Bulk Discount

A free plugin from WordPress, WooCommerce Bulk Discount provides features that can be utilized to extend to your favorite customer’s discounts on orders or items. Using this plugin you can conveniently add incentives so that your buyers purchase more. Off fix rebates (like $6 off when buying 6 or more products), percentage rebates (like 10% off for purchasing 10 or more products) or item based rebates (more regular bulk rates like 8% off 16, 12% off 24 or more). There are countless possibilities and can impact the buying patterns of your customers.

12. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

A free WordPress plugin, WooCommerce Ajax Search makes convenient the search process of your WooCommerce outlet and view immediate ajaxed results. Inserting a “live search” makes it easier for buyers to scan across your present stock and inventory if your retail store houses lodges hundreds or maybe thousands of products

13. WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Wizard

A premium Addon WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Wizard performs like an amazing plugin that leads your consumers through the process of checkout. By splitting and tidying the regular WooCommerce page for checkout an appealing, professional and convenient following process can be built that is simple for any consumer to understand.

14. Beeketing WooCommerce Marketing Automation

A tool that automates your marketing procedures, Beeketing Marketing Automation can seamlessly be incorporated into WooCommerce. It is a bundle of WooCommerce extensions for marketing for online outlets. This free plugin from WordPress assists you to build the sales funnel and influence the conversion ratio naturally without any constant manual interference.

You can utilize the Beeketing suite that boosts products through cross-sell and up-sell options, scalable rebates depending on cart purchase, individualized product recommendations, and exit-intent focused rebates and much more. This tool is the simplest way to enhance your conversation and marketing figures.

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15. Abandoned Cart Pro Of WordPress

This effective plugin helps to recover losing sales and carts and aids to retain your consumers. You can retrieve lost carts Enable preferences for cart reminders through email, Facebook Messenger or even text. The best part is its simple setup. You only require to install the plugin, select an email template, style the add-to-cart popup, fix the reminder delay and you become operational. Likewise, it is easy to handle your abandoned plus recovered orders using the plugin dashboards and also take a look at the analytics and stats (Full with conversion rate and graphs).

16. Request A Quote Add-on

A premium quote and manager of your proposals for WooCommerce, Request a Quote plugin inserts features to let you “Request a Quote” for your WooCommerce outlet. This functionality is useful if you are a bulk seller or if your online store provides customizable items like websites, home refurnishing or car personalizations.
The benefit of this plugin is it making it convenient for users to forward their requests and on your part to manage and react to them from your WordPress site which makes the complete process efficacious.

17. WooCommerce Customizer

A free plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce Customizer makes it very convenient to tweak button text of carts, labels, items per page, checkout text and placeholder images due to its adding a customization panel to WooCommerce. It utilizes PHP filters incorporated into WooCommerce that enables alterations without any knowledge of code.

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18. WooCommerce Document Preview

WooCommerce Document Preview

This plugin is a useful add on to WooCommerce and lets you insert document preview feature on the single product page. A button available on the single product page permits you to preview the document. WooCommerce Document Preview offers a simple meta box to include sample product which can be previewed. The preview is displayed in the box as pop up.

Your preview of the added document gets displayed on the Single Product Page on its front-side. It can be viewed or downloaded from the pop-up. The list of files allowed to be added are docs, pdf files, and xls. The Add Meta Box feature of Document Preview displays the meta box field under a particular product post.

19. WooCommerce Menu Cart

A WordPress free plugin adds a shopping cart to the primary navigation menu of your WooCommerce. There are alternatives to add an icon, swinging your cart to the right or left sides, item count, and cart tally. You can even adjust the styling with custom CSS which shows the default styling of your present menu.

20. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing And Discounts

A premium WordPress plugin enables you to include custom prices plus inducements to satisfy your consumers and purchase more. Dynamic Pricing and Discounts offers you extensive control over your website prices, permitting you to enforce various rules set aside the default prices. It lets you extend holiday discounts or rebates for bulk purchases, or offer dedicated consumers promotional rates for lifetime expenditures. You get options for bulk discounts, exclusive offers, repeating exclusive offers, matched items, percentage rebates, and conditional promo application.

All this is performed by configuring plans for conditional pricing which lets you fix proper prices for an endless number of situations. Like for instance, you can fix rules that decides the activation of a pricing strategy depending on the date, total expenditure and the presence of particular products in a consumer’s cart. These rules can also be applied for highly sophisticated pricing initiatives.
If you prefer to restrict one promotional price for every order, you can then classify in a hierarchical manner your pricing strategy. Hence, if the above promotional price gets activated, the rules cannot be applied for those below the list. Ultimately, you can select whether the rebates can be offered prior to or after-tax.

Pricing has a major influence on your selling figures, and if you are on the lookout for a sophisticated solution for price management, the best option would be the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin.

21. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

A free WordPress Plugin Google Analytics Integration is an effective tool for analyzing the behavior of readers, mainstream content and originating traffic for your site. Moreover, all such related details can be exhibited in connection with your online outlet by using the WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin.
This powerful plugin allows you to view the preferences of your consumers in relation to your product, find the popular ones and integrate it to see the best product referrals that get converted into sales.

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Wrapping Up

These add ons are a great way to expand your WooCommerce business and hike sales. You can sell your products online and in-store directly to your buyer using the WooCommerce extensions and even let them select the time and date for delivery of their products. Using all these wide varieties of premium as well as free extensions add an additional feature to your WooCommerce so that you can build your online outlet based on the needs of your website.

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