In the article below we’re going to look at some of the top WooCommerce Mini cart extensions that allow you to integrate a stunning online shopping cart on the WordPress-powered eCommerce website. This makes the checkout process much more simply because your customers will be able to complete their purchase without having to go to the cart page. Furthermore, your customers can also perform any kind of adjustment to the items they’ve put in the cart without leaving the site. This will create a great customer experience when they visit your store’s website and could help in increasing conversion rates.


WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

We’ll now discuss the top WooCommerce mini cart extensions we’ve selected. These extensions have been thoroughly tested and come with all the essential function

s and features needed to build an effective shopping cart for the eCommerce store. If you’re looking to include an online cart, you could take the time to look through these extensions:

1. WooCommerce Cart

WooCommerce Cart
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

The WooCommerce Cart offers a powerful mini cart extension that you can add to your WooCommerce built eCommerce website. It allows you to create a stunning cart on your website store, allowing customers to see a brief glimpse of the items or products they have put on their bucket lists. The items in the cart can be displayed in three various ways i.e. as a slide-in or floating pop-up.

WooCommerce Cart is an easily editable add-on that comes with a lot of functions and features. You have complete control over adding or eliminating the fields you want to put on your shopping cart items. In addition, the program comes with a variety of options for customization to customize your Woo cart and showcase it on shops online with stunning style.

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Key Features in WooCommerce Cart:

  • Three different layouts to display Cart Contents.
  • 6 Different Positions for Putting Your Cart.
  • Glassmorophorism Layout to Frost Glass Display.
  • A Variety of Cool Animation Effects for Cart.
  • Suggestions for Items to Display Related Items.
  • Coupon Option to trigger Discounts on Sale Items.
  • Flexible Button Options for Cart.
  • Modern Typography, Color, and Style Options.

2. Smart Cart For WooCommerce

Smart Cart For WooCommerce
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

Smart Cart for WooCommerce is a well-known extension for WooCommerce that shows the summary of the items that the buyer has added to their cart. The summary shows the item added to the cart, the subtotal shipping cost, the total cost of purchase, and then click the checkout. This can save time for your customer since they won’t be required to visit your cart’s page to purchase or change the items they have added.

Smart Cart with WooCommerce provides a variety of options to personalize the cart’s floating. You can alter both the main and second colors of your cart to create a perfect fit with the look for your store’s online. Additionally, you can alter the position of the pop-up on your cart’s list of items and show this on your left or the right side of your window screen.

Key Features of Smart Card for WooCommerce:

  • Set your Cart’s Pop-up Location.
  • Show/Hide Thumbnails for Cart Products.
  • Color Configuration Option in Your Cart.
  • The Text of the Button and its Visibility Modification.
  • Add/Remove Any Product In The Cart.
  • Fully RTL Supported.

3. Floating Cart For WooCommerce

Floating Cart For WooCommerce
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

Floating Cart for WooCommerce is a premium WooCommerce extension to show a stunning cart button that can be slid over the eCommerce site. The cart button will contain everything you’ve added to the cart and display them in a stunning popup after clicking. Within the cart, you can remove the items you don’t want as well as browse the products after you have decided to purchase.

The floating Cart with WooCommerce is a flexible add-on with amazing animation effects that are sure to grab the attention of your customers. Furthermore, you’ll be able to define the location of your cart and put it either vertically or horizontally in your online store. Additionally, the extension includes a color selector to change the colors of the various elements of your cart.

Key Features of Floating Cart for WooCommerce:

  • Animated floating Cart Button.
  • Display Cart Products in Beautiful Popups.
  • Option to display Cart Products.
  • Display floating Cart Vertically or Horizontally.
  • Add or remove any items from the Cart.
  • Different Color Customization Options.

4. YITH WooCommerce Added To Cart Popup

YITH WooCommerce
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup is an extremely powerful extension that permits users to create an eCommerce cart that is sticky for the WordPress website and show its contents in a stunning windows pop-up. It will give you a view of the items that users have added to your cart. This makes purchases more efficient since your customers can purchase products directly from the cart.

YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup is a fully adaptable plugin that comes with a range of options and functions to display the add-to-cart button with elegance for your store’s eCommerce. You’ll have total control over the size of the popup that you would like to show. In addition, the extension allows you to select any of the eight popup animation effects you would like to display the items in your cart.

Key Features of YITH WooCommerce Added To Cart Popup:

  • 8 Popup Entrance Animations.
  • Make sure that the Popup Size is set for Display Cart Items.
  • Show/Hide Cart Popup for Various Arguments.
  • Display/Hide the Product Image within the popup.
  • Customizable Label for the Button on the Popup.
  • Selecting the Display for the Product After the Popup.
  • Include the suggested product in the Cart.
  • Cart Enable/Disable for Mobile.

5. WooCommerce Modal Fly Cart + Ajax Add to Cart

WooCommerce Moda
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

The WooCommerce’s Modal Fly Cart + Ajax To Cart It is an excellent extension for adding interactive mini cart is a fantastic extension to add interactive mini carts to an eCommerce store. It lets your customers change the quantity or even remove a product without needing to visit your cart’s page. The extension immediately displays the items placed in the shopping cart using an option to view the cart, as along with the checkout button that allows customers to buy the mini cart.

WooCommerce Modal fly Cart + Ajax Add to Cart provides a range of choices to change the look and feel and the buttons. It allows for unlimited color options to select the colors of your cart that match the overall style of your online store. Furthermore, you can alter the style of your button to create a more engaging and appealing experience for your customers.

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Key Features of WooCommerce Modal Fly Cart + Ajax Add to Cart:

  • Add AJAX Add to Cart Button.
  • Open Popup Following Add to Cart on Archive Page.
  • Unlimited Color Variations.
  • Button Styles that can be customized.
  • Increase or decrease the number of products Within the Cart.
  • It works for Both Simple and Variable Products.

6. WooCommerce Cart All in One

Cart All In One
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

The WooCommerce Cart All in One is an extremely powerful add-on that allows you to enhance the capabilities of your cart in the eCommerce store. It lets you add amazing cart-related elements such as a cart in the sidebar, menu cards as well as a sticky Add to Cart button, and many additional features to help make your WooCommerce powered online store more engaging and effective to customers.

The extension has numerous features to build an extremely responsive shopping cart for your online store. It comes with different designs for all carts so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your WordPress website. In addition, you’ll be able to set different animations, colors borders, border-radius, buttons in the cart elements to create a more interactive and appealing to visitors to your WordPress store.

Key Features of WooCommerce All in One:

  • Create a Sidebar Cart for Your Website.
  • Menu Carts to Place your Cart in the Menu.
  • Button for Sticky Adds to Cart Button.
  • Show Recently Viewed Products Option.
  • packed with tons of features and Features.
  • Pay directly from the Sidebar Cart.

7. Sticky Mini Cart For WooCommerce

Sticky Mini Cart
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

Sticky Mini Cart for WooCommerce is a great extension to include the ability to add a floating cart with sticky adhesive to your online store. It allows your customers to view and add items on their bucket lists without needing to access the cart’s page constantly. Furthermore, your customers will be in a position to add, remove and edit any item they wish to remove from their cart.

Sticky Mini Cart for WooCommerce is an extremely powerful add-on that includes 10 gorgeously designed templates to show your cart’s items when users click on the mini cart floating on its own. Alongside the items in the cart, you can also include the recommended items to give greater exposure for your items and increase the efficiency of conversion for your WooCommerce store.

Key Features of Sticky Mini Cart for WooCommerce:

  • 10 Unique Templates for Displaying Cart Items.
  • 6 Cart Position Options for Different Carts.
  • Allow or Disable Carts on Your Sidebar.
  • Out and Fly Out Animation Effects for Cart.
  • Display the Product Variation Attribute displayed on Cart.
  • Display Product Suggested Alongside Cart Items.
  • Inbuilt Fonts for Cart Items.
  • You can enable or disable various options on the Cart.

8. WooCommerce Flying Cart

WooCommerce Flying Cart
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

The WooCommerce Flying Cart is an extension that can be used to add icons that allow users to open a cart pop-up and show the contents inside it at any time. Your customers will be able to easily browse through the items that are on their cart and then modify or add according to your requirements. Additionally, the plugin includes a coupon code section that allows customers to enter the discount coupon (if they have one) before making a purchase.

Key Features of WooCommerce Flying Cart:

  • Add Side Cart & Fly Cart on Your Store.
  • Completely Customizable Ship Carts.
  • Fluidic Animation Effects for Show Cart Items.
  • Option to add Metadata for Product Data.
  • Promo Section to Allow Coupon Code Insertion.
  • Different positions to display your Cart.

9. WooCommerce Floating Cart

WooCommerce Floating Cart
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

The WooCommerce Floating Cart is a premium extension that allows you to create an online floating store that will let your customers see the full view of the items that are on their shopping lists. Your shopping cart can appear when your customers decide to purchase. The cart will allow your customers can add, edit or remove any item they want. In addition, the cart will include an area for coupon codes that allows your customers to take advantage of the various coupons you have through your website store.

Key Features of WooCommerce Floating Cart:

  • Various Cart Position Option.
  • Adjust Cart Width and Height.
  • A Custom Background Color as well as Color Options.
  • Upload Custom Icons to the Cart.
  • AJAX Add To Cart Option Available.
  • The option to Trigger Cart When Mouse is Over.
  • Product Variation Cart Supported.
  • Choose Between Total and Subtotal to Display.

10. WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugin

WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugin is a great extension to improve the shopping experience by making the shopping cart more accessible on your web store. It displays the cart on the top menu of your website and can be used to get a quick view of all the products that you have added to your cart. Also, the plugin has an inbuilt shortcode generator that allows you to insert the cart to any location of your preference. Additionally, the cart contains a promo option to allow you to insert any type of coupon code run by your website to provide discounts for the item purchased.
WooCommerce Mini Cart Extensions

The WooCommerce Mini Cart plugin is an incredible extension that will enhance your purchasing experience, by making shopping carts readily accessible for an online retailer. It shows the cart in the menu at the top of your site and can be used to see an instant overview of the items you’ve placed in the cart. The plugin also has an integrated shortcode generator that lets you insert the cart in any place that you prefer. Furthermore, the cart has the option of promoting which allows the user to add any kind of coupon code that is used on your site to offer discounts on the items you purchase.

Key Features of WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugin:

  • Cart in the Menu of Your Website.
  • Option to display Cart Item If Customers Hover.
  • Shortcode Option to display Cart in Footer, Header, or any other page.
  • Multiple options to display Cart Items on Flyout.
  • 13 Icons Available For Cart.
  • Option to upload a Custom Icon to your Shopping Cart.

Conclusion on WooCommerce Mini Cart

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These are the top WooCommerce mini cart extensions that are available for integrating a stunning shopping cart to your eCommerce site. If you’re looking to make the checkout process more flexible for your online shop, look them up and buy them for an affordable cost.

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