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Every business understands the value of digital presence, its importance, and its benefits. As a result, they build a client-catching website and use various tools to manage and grow their business across the internet. But for freelancers, who individually offer services to customers, often find difficulty in creating a professional Freelance Services Website. Over the last few years, freelancers have got an immense rise on the web. Most people and small-scale businesses prefer to hire a freelancer than established companies and organizations.

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Freelance Services Website

As a freelancer, you might be having a great network on social media and other platforms. But with the increasing competition, it’s time to create your freelance website. Apart from saving your time and money, your website will let you present yourself as a brand. You can easily add your stunning portfolios and get your potential clients. 

Things you will learn in this article

  • Importance and benefits of a Freelance Services Website
  • The best platform to build
  • Things to include in your Freelance Services Website
  • Step to create your Freelance Services Website

Importance and benefits of a Freelance Services Website

Freelance Website
Freelance Services Website

1. Professional Image

A freelance website creates a sense of professionalism. When a user or client visits your website, he/she may look for detailed information, especially your skills, expertise, and none other than your portfolio. A website with all such information makes you legitimate and professional. Moreover, you get full freedom to present yourself and your services on the website. 

2. Represent You As A Brand

During the hiring process, the thing that matters is your uniqueness and hiring value. When you highlight your past work on your website, you are representing yourself as a brand. Add as much as a portfolio so that people may rate you just by visiting your website.

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3. Help You In Getting Potential Clients

In the beginning, it is hard to find clients as a freelancer. You may get some small projects through social media and other platforms that charge money. A professional freelance website will provide you tons of projects through which you can make some good money. 

SEO techniques and social media marketing can help you in building a client base. It will drive traffic to your website based on your skills and expertise. 

4. Beginners Guide To Freelance Services Website

The section has nothing to do with the web designer. But if you are in any other stream, you need to figure out the best platform for your freelance website.

To save your time and money, we recommend you try WordPress for your freelance website. With several themes and plugins, WordPress would be the perfect platform for your website. All you need is to install WordPress and select a theme according to your niche. You can also customize your website and give it a look as per your desire. Apart from free features, you can also invest a little amount in premium features. Just install WordPress and proceed with the steps given below. 

5. Things to include in your Freelance Services Website

Before creating a website, you must ask yourself about things that you will add to your website. As you have the freedom to add information, you can be as creative as you can. But always ensure to add the following things to your website.

6. About Page

About Page
Freelance Services Website

About page is a short description of you. It focuses on your work and how you work. Elaborate your work and your skills that make you perfect for a specific work. The page must include your brand value, work culture, and most importantly, your uniqueness.

7. Service Page

It is a page that includes all your services and insight into what you sell. Your service page will inform others about the work you deal in or the services that you offer. After our about page, a user will definitely visit your service page. Do not stuff the page with unnecessary information and add the services that you are capable of. Apart from your services, the page must have a call-to-action CTA to attract potential clients.

8. Portfolio Page

A portfolio page is where you add your past work and experience. The page focuses on work that you have done and can do. It creates a sense of credibility and reliability. Never shy to add any of your past work, as any user can convert into a potential client after visiting your portfolio page.

9. Testimonials Page

The testimonial page covers the statement and review of the people that you have worked for. A positive testimonial can drive high traffic and offer you some good clients. Ask your past clients to write a review about working with you and their experience.

10. Contact Us

After adding all the pages, you need to add a contact page with your email id and contact number. Add as much contact you can, such as Skype, WhatsApp, telegram, etc. Also, enlist your social media sites and other platforms where you are almost active. 

Step to create your Freelance Services Website.

Now is the time to create your website. 

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1. Set Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress Website
Freelance Services Website

As we discussed earlier, the first thing is to get a domain name and hosting. Take some time and think of something creative and attractive for your domain name. After a domain name, choose a hosting plan for your website. As a freelancer, we suggest you purchase a shared hosting plan. Also, select a single platform for both things. Next, you’ll need to install WordPress. 

2. Select A Suitable theme

After installing WordPress, you will get a basic page, and you need to work a little to make it professional. According to your niche, you will have to select a WordPress Theme. From free themes to premium, WordPress offers tons of themes for any kind of business. 

For instance, if you are into writing, select a theme that focuses on writing. A theme directly-indirectly helps visitors to get an idea about your niche and services. 

To get some amazing themes for your websites, visit Theme Directory. If you are low on budget or do not have an intention to invest in your website, is the perfect place for you. But you also need to customize the default theme. Known for its customization service, WordPress has a lot to offer. Being a beginner, try WordPress Customizer to make things simple. 

3. Add Pages And Content To Your Website

Lastly comes the most important step of adding content and pages to your website. As discussed above, add all the relevant pages in the sequence. Further, focus on the content that you will add to these pages. Do not stuff things, and be clear to your users. 

Content has its own importance and is key to conversion. Users want every piece of information in the shortest possible way. So make sure to present yourself as a brand. Include strong CTAs as you are into freelancing.

4. WordPress Plugins

Plugins are among the best features offered by WordPress. The plugin library will show some amazing plugins that you can use on your freelance website. Just like themes, you can get a free one and can also buy one. A dedicated plugin extends your website functionality and adds some great features. To get a plugin, go to the admin area, click on Plugins>>>Add New.  Select one and install it on your website.


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To be very simple just set up your website, customize the pages and add content. It is the simplest guide that you’ll find over the internet. But don’t just sit ideally after building your website. Follow some SEO tactics and also email marketing. Keep working on your digital presence and work on your brand image. You can also contact us to get your own freelance website.

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