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Receive donations and funding by installing WordPress donation plugins

You can raise funds and receive donations on your WordPress site

Receiving funding and accepting donations is a matter of seconds if you have a WordPress site and donation plugins installed on it. People who run a non-profit organization usually raise funds for incurring the expenditure on some welfare activity. People who run a blog have to seek funds or donations for keeping their site running. Here comes the need of WordPress donation plugins which can make this process easy. Install the below-mentioned plugins on your WordPress site.
These plugins smoothly facilitate donations for NGO, non –profit, charity, charitable organizations, WordPress crowdfunding, fundraisers through payment gateways such as PayPal and 2checkout throughout the world.

Installing these plugins unlocks the power of collecting funds easily as the donation button will reflect on your site for making payment in the form of donations. You can start managing donors and funders on your site or blog with the help of these WordPress donation plugins. These plugins can be easily set up and charges zero commission and have currency control plus gateway for Paypal and cards. These plugins have an option for a recurring subscription for its users.

Best WordPress Donation Plugins in 2020:

1. Give

This is the plugin which is downloaded for maximum times and is also the highest-rated WordPress donation plugin. You can easily start receiving the gifts using the customizable donation forms and also start managing your donors and analyze donation reports. The reports can be easily sorted by using payments, form and date methods. This is the brilliant plugin which can measure the performance of your donation campaign over multiple campaigns. Creating custom donation forms on your site would never be easy as with this plugin. Maintaining a history of your donors is easy and it can also generate receipts with tax already deducted.

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2. Charitable

This is a free WordPress donation plugin having no setup costs or monthly charges. Creating fully customizable fundraiser campaigns in less than five minutes is possible once you install this plugin. Installing this plugin means you can easily accept donations via various payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.Net, Payfast and PayUMoney. Its Charitable Gift Aid extension makes the best use of Gift Aid for boosting donations by 25% and the Charitable Newsletter Connect can help grow your list of subscribers. This is an easy to use plugin and offline donations can also be accepted. This plugin lets you set up unlimited campaigns and is developer-friendly.

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3. PayPal Donation

Install this plugin for adding a donation button to your WordPress site. With the help of this plugin, users can start sending you donations via credit card or their PayPal account. Now start collecting donation across the globe as this plugin supports over 18 languages and 25 different currencies. Integration of this plugin with every WordPress theme is easy. If a problem or an issue occurs, creating a support request is possible after which the plugin experts will instantly resolve your problem. This plugin lets you view donation on your WordPress admin panel plus is Multilingual.

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4. Seamless Donations

Another free WordPress donation plugin which is the best option of repeat donation that could be easily shut down with a single click. Offering Than You Enhanced extension for sending personalized Thank You text to your donors the Giving Level Manager extension lets you remove donations. It also identifies and blocks spambots as it works with Goodbye Captcha. The installation process is of just five minutes and there is an automatic option for repeat donation. It offers features such as donor tracking and is translation ready.

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5. Donorbox

This plugin is for free and has an advanced recurring donation system. Its form builder helps collect question from donors, sending donations at the donor’s request, and dedicating donation on somebody’s behalf. This plugin is offering a host of relative features like PayPal donation, customizable receipt text, and integration with MailChimp and Salesforce. You can use this plugin for free up to $1000 donations each month. It includes features such as Multi-step checkout, Integration with Salesforce. You can start accepting donation via Facebook page and customize the colour for your donation forms after installing this plugin on your site.

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6. Custom Post Donations

This is an entirely different plugin which is mentioned over here and it helps you in making three types of WordPress donation widgets which are Standard donation, Fixed+ Additional donation and last but not the least which is per item+ Additional donation. Once you upgrade to its Pro version, you will be getting two more extra widgets. Choosing a donation type is easy by jumping to setting page of this plugin and then you can start creating a WordPress plugin matching your requirements. Features of this plugin range from support for multiple currencies to customizing donation widgets and much more.

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7. Donation Thermometer

Once you install this plugin on your site, a thermometer will be created on your site for measuring donations. Simple isn’t? Only you have to make the use of shortcode and a standard thermometer will be displayed on your web page. Though the plugin has not so many features but is an easy plugin. For the beginners, this plugin is the best choice and an ideal one.

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8. Donation Content Locker

Once you install this plugin some specific content of yours will be hidden on your website for displaying only to people who have donated to your cause. It may be like requesting a premium fee instead of a donation but it is beneficial to turn your site into a membership area. This plugin provides a secure donation form and also allows you to restrict content till the time people have donated. Install this plugin and you get a secure donation form. You can easily restrict content till the time people have donated.

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9. Donation Manager Pro

This is a paid plugin which can easily handle every donation made on your site. People can start donating via your site and enter their names in the very list of donators. The plugin is translation ready and has two templates. This plugin has shortcodes and has multiple payment gateways. The installation process is quite easy and you can get going in a couple of minutes. This plugin is paid but can handle all donation made on your site. Hit the install button now.

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Now install the above-mentioned plugin for setting up a fundraiser campaign reaching the people across the globe in a couple of minutes. You can install these plugins on your site for accepting donation instantly and for engaging with the donors. These plugins can set up a thermometer on your site which can measure the amount of fund your site has raised. You can click on the links provided under the above-mentioned plugins and get going.

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