5 Best WooCommerce Membership Plugins

It is true that if people will watch an increase in membership in your online store, they will visit your store for sure. They get attracted because they think if these people(members) are interested in purchasing the product from you then why shouldn’t they? Approaching customers is not an easy job as it takes time to build up a brand image in the market. Sometimes, it takes longer to make a stronghold over customers’ as competition is getting touch every day. Why not switch to WooCommerce membership plugins and see the results thereafter? These plugins can help you establish a membership plan on your site or store. Once the brand image improves then automatically more customers’ will be attracted to your store.

Installing these plugins will help in building a membership plan after that you can start approaching customers offering them products and services at a discounted price. People go after an offer to save their hard-earned money. No matter how rich is the customer as everyone tries to save money instead of paying a higher price for the same product or service.

1. WooCommerce Memberships Extensions

WooCommerce Membership Plugins 2020
WooCommerce Membership Plugins

This extension works in a way to mix up the aspects of your website to function altogether. At the time of managing the content, products or memberships systematically on your eCommerce store, better things can happen. As per the statements made by WooCommerce professionals, this plugin is quite easy to configure and works effectively managing aspects of your site. If you are seeking a membership plugin for your eCommerce store, this plugin may be the best option available to you. Providing full control for restricting and managing the membership plan in a better way, it lets you create content which can only be accessed by the members.

You can also schedule a time for restricted access. Price varies based on subscription plan ranging from $149 for a single site subscription and $199 for a five site subscription. You can purchase a 25 site subscription for $ 249.

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2. YTH Membership Plugin

WooCommerce Membership Plugins 2020
WooCommerce Membership Plugins 2020

You can start creating memberships plan for providing restricted access to the members when your site deals in high-quality content such as training modules. This plugin can help you create direct access to users on your eCommerce site to e-books and several quality services. Creating a set of personalized content for the users is possible which can enhance the brand image. You can start managing training courses and different services at your site. Sending notifications to your users regarding renewal, expiry or future publication schedule is possible. It is simple and easy to operate. You can buy it and start the installation, rest the plugin will coordinate with the site perfectly.

Get it for $99 for single-site use. If you need a 6 site subscription just pay $199. Further, a 30 site subscription is available for $249. You will get continuous updates and support for one year falling under the terms of the license.

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3. Envato Membership Plugin

WooCommerce Membership Plugins 2020
WooCommerce Membership Plugins 2020

This plugin is quite cheaper than the two which are mentioned above. Just pay $39 for a single license and you are done. You can start selling memberships on your eCommerce store as you can restrict the people from accessing posts and pages available on your website. It is possible to create any number of memberships plan as per your requirements. You can also attach or link several membership plans allowing the users to enjoy several resources one after another. This plugin lets you define a trial period for the new visitors by implementing the content dripping strategy.

Once you are done installing this plugin on your site, the WooCommerce product will be transformed into a membership product. Once the customer has bought a particular product, you can allow your users to access a different kind of membership plan available on your website.

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4. MemberPress

wordpress paid memberrship
WooCommerce Membership Plugins 2020

To enjoy using advanced features that are essential for maintaining a membership site, install MemberPress. If your users demand special access to your store or site, you can charge them and can also accept payments through various credit cards. It is possible to sell out products that can be downloaded along with various memberships plan on your website. You will have full control over granting access to members and visitors.

There are two different licenses that you can purchase, plus and premium offering endless coordination with WooCommerce. Start selling membership plans on your site and you can also restrict visitors from buying a product from the site. You only have to pay $498 a year for the plus license.

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5. Restrict Content Pro

worrdpress restrict content woocommerce

This plugin lets you create a powerful membership site quickly. With the help of Restrict Content, you can start creating subscriptions like trial, free and paid version. Availability of several payment gateways you can accept payment without paying a penny for the services. You can start creating a membership plan once you have installed this plugin on your site and it is quite easy to operate this simple plugin. You can modify settings as per requirements and can schedule autonomous notification alert for your members. It is possible to create discount codes and coupons using this plugin and user data can be exported if required.

You have to pay $249 per year for purchasing the professional package including WooCommerce membership discounts.

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Do not wait further and go for the best plugin matching your requirement. You can now sell membership plans to your users and can control the access by limiting or restricting the users to access the site. These plugins are simple and easy to operate. Just hit install and watch the show. These plugins do not require professional skills to be operated as they are crystal clear and can be well understood by the site owners. Start creating a membership plan for your eCommerce site and maximize the profit scale. Install the best WooCommerce membership plugins now.

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