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For automated booking, an appointment solution, install WordPress appointment and booking plugins

Now your customers can take an appointment instantly via your website

WordPress appointment and booking plugins can facilitate smooth appointment and book on your website. It is necessary to have an appointment and booking solution for your business if you need to grow and provide a better user experience to visitors. Look for certain features in such plugins like do they provide customers with your work hours and availability, do they allow them to choose a time or do they encourage customer input and save the input in a customer database etc. Installing these plugins on your site can save your time which can be utilized in more productive work.

Install these plugins for sharing your calendar and availability with anyone via a unique link. You will be able to embed the calendar on your site allowing clients to pick and select bookings based on your availability irrespective of their access to your unique link. These plugins are a brilliant solution as they can integrate with several plugins transferring data directly into the respective CRM. Install the plugins and feel relieved.

15 Best WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins of 2020:

1. Bookly

This plugin can be installed for enhancing your scheduling system and also creates a customer database from the booked appointments. For facilitating multilingual web pages process automation and integration with WPML plugin are promoted. This is an optimized plugin which is basically for mobile phones allowing you to provide discounts and options for recurring payments and appointments. You can also do group bookings and this service is best suitable for companies which offer appointment-based services like tutoring, beauty appointments, messages and much more. You can get it for free or can upgrade to the pro version for $89 per month.

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2. Booked

This plugin is a frontend shortcode calendar for booking appointments having strong backend features for helping you manage your bookings or appointments. Using the widgets translation of calendars is possible allowing you to customize the colours matching your branding. The availability can be displayed plus when you are on holidays. Building buffers before and after each meeting is easy or for some time after the current date for incorporating time for preparing. Your customers will be able to create an account and select their time but managing your appointments from the backend and sending an individualized notification if required. Users can easily end up “Adding to Google Calendar”. Get it for $49.

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3. Team Booking

It is the best customizable booking app integrated with Google Calendar. You can start dividing your availability by room, employee, time or service rendered. This is an advanced tool packed with shortcodes on the frontend making it user-friendly and easy for maintaining a group calendar plus as an individual one. After the customer books an event, notifications are sent to every party involved. Customers can make payment via PayPal or Stripe and after they complete the booking or filled a reservation form, their details are automatically saved in a customer database which you can download. Get it for $28 per month.

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4. WooEvents

This is an event scheduler allowing customer sign up and schedule their events based on the availability and allows you to sell tickets. The plugin has a calendar function including email notifications for any event changes providing a mapping function for ones for finding the exact event location. Selling custom types of tickets is easy and watching your event status too plus limiting the people who can book. After they made a booking, the data is stored in the customer database. It works well with iCal and Google Calendar and let you manage every current event, remove previous ones, and set up recurring events for later. Users can make payments via WooEvents widget as it is integrated with PayPal and Stripe plus includes a shortcode for placing any link on your website. Get it for $39 per month.

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5. Booking Calendar

This is a plugin operating directly out of your WordPress site and allowing you for managing reservations and booking without leaving WordPress. The plugin smartly creates a client database after the booking is done. All your bookings are stored in the WP database so you there is no such requirement for having a database management tool. The plugin is already optimized for mobile phones and facilitates payments via Third Party services such as Stripe or PayPal. It is the most preferred and installed WP plugins in the market. The plugin provides functionalities for booking calendar depending on your requirements, client strength or budget. Its premium version is offering numerous features which are fully customizable as per your business requirements. The plugin is available with custom pricing based on your requirements.

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6. WP Simple Booking Calendar

This is the best choice for companies dealing in housing or rental apartments. The plugin has a clean and user-friendly design and has shortcodes provided to you for embedding them on your site. Unbooked dates for the preferred properties can be viewed by the users and managers can start altering booking from the backend as required. It lets you translate your website which is important if you deal with booking international clients. You can install the free version which is more than enough but you need to pay up to $139 per month if you need professional services and features.

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7. Advanced Booking Calendar

This is the best mobile-optimized WordPress booking plugin and works well for hotel industries and B&B organizations. The plugin is offering a calendar displaying availability allowing you for adjusting prices based on seasons, per room, or for particular services. The plugin is unique as it works with your Google Analytics account for monitoring a user’s trajectory via your booking form. This lets you identify friction points plus any warm leads. After a guest creates an event, every person who is involved gets a notification confirmation and customer data can be easily stored in the form of cookies. Get it for free but the pro version is priced at $56.10 for 6 months or you can get it for one year by paying $72.93.

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8. WP Quick Booking Manager Pro

The plugin includes a powerful administrative backend feature making it the best choice for those seeking more power over their calendar. You should know that here, administrators can easily start editing, adding, confirming, declining, or deleting events and can also change the CSS from the backend. The plugin is best suitable if you deal in the hotel industry or rent out apartments or B&B as grants permission for photo galleries plus boasting PayPal integration.

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9. WooCommerce Easy Booking

This plugin includes several features of other calendar plugins and widgets mentioned here but talking about its pricing structure then it is something that makes things hard. WooCommerce can be rented from daily to annually which is a unique option which is not available with any other products. You can simply visit the website and can calculate your price after answering some easy questions. The eCommerce toolkit works fine with this plugin and both of them are fully optimized for the mobile experience.

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10. EDD Bookings

This plugin has made single-page admin design a reality. Every calendar can be easily customized by category, colour and time zone for reflecting the requirements of users all of which already optimized for mobile phones. Emails instantly send a notification to the parties involved after the customer creates an event or makes an appointment and there is no such limitation on several events generated. You can easily sort out the events by several filters, including the length of the session, the price of service etc. and can also assign activities to particular employees.

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11. Amelia

You can install this plugin for a smooth booking workflow and is a booking service having a minimal but intuitive design. A booking can be done with two to three clicks and it is a plugin offering online payment options. There is a dashboard which explains important KPIs to monitor and an analytic tool for providing that data. It is an advanced and fully customizable plugin for reflecting your brand colours. Install this plugin to enjoy integration with Google Calendar, WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe providing fast booking shortcodes for your web pages.

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12. Event Booking Pro

This is the best choice if you seek a solution providing ticket selling software. It is built with single-page bookings for keeping everything as easy as possible. There are shortcodes provided to you for embedding your calendar or events on your site, which will showcase your calendar availability plus days when you are not available. You can start selling tickets and send coupons as PayPal works via the site. Selling tickets with this plugin is easy can customization of notification emails is possible that get sent to users making bookings with you.

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13. WordPress Pro Event Booking Calendar

This plugin is unique as it gives the ability to customers’ for entering their events. It includes a powerful filtering system allowing you for sorting your customer’s database easily and effectively. Install this plugin for enjoying seamless integration of this plugin with Google Maps and Facebook plus as in ICS format. You can start embedding calendars to your web pages and can also set up events on a recurring schedule. This plugin gives you the ability to curate the events and edits as required.

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14. BirchPress

It is one of the finest booking plugin allowing you or your users to create events in calendar by entering their information into a customized form. Install this plugin and start sending customized emails to your users irrespective of using a separate email marketing system makes it easy for them to pay online via WooCommerce or PayPal. Due to the admin capabilities managing bookings is easy no matter if they are changed, cancelled, or rescheduled. The plugin has seamless integration with iCal and Google Calendar and is developer-friendly.

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15. HubSpot Meetings

This is easy to use and an advanced booking app allowing you for sharing your calendar and availability with everyone via a unique link. This app is available for free but if you upgrade to the premium version, you can start embedding the calendar onto your site letting clients pick and select booking based on your availability irrespective of their access to your unique link. This app has seamless integration with HubSpot WordPress plugin, and transfers all the data directly into the HubSpot free CRM, making it pro on the data integration and organization front.

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If you find the above-mentioned booking plugins relative and useful for your site then wait no more and click the link to install them right away. You should have a booking tool which can manage bookings and appointments on your site as time is important. These plugins let you sell tickets and coupons and accept payment via PayPal and Stripe. Customers can easily view available dates for appointments and make the payments if they wish to make a booking. All of this happens once you install these WordPress booking and appointment plugins.

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