Woo Product inquiry and quote plugin

Sometimes having only add to cart option is not enough for a product. Some products are needed a little more specification and that is why you require to have an inquiry and quote option for them. It is mainly for services and complex or luxury products. It allows your customers to do the negotiation but that is not possible with only the WooCommerce plugin. You need Add-on Plugins for this additional feature on your product page. Woo Product inquiry and quote plugin can provide you with all the necessary features that are required to add an inquiry and quote option on a product page. 

This plugin allows you to display add to quote button on the product page. You can even hide the add to cart button if you this that product only requires a quote option. You can customize it as many times as you require. You will get a pre-design inquiry form with Woo product inquiry and quote plugin.

Having a direct communication plugin can help you to boat your sale compared to before. Especially it required most service providers website. It generates a way to get in touch directly with your clients. Your Customers can query about anything they want.

Why choose Woo Product inquiry and quote plugin

Woo inquery and quote
Woo product inquiry and quote

Plugins help you to make your work easier not more complicated. Before choosing a plugin find out its importance, and how it going to help. Is it easy to use, how it will look on the front end, and many more things you need to check first?  

Here are some points that need to consider before choosing  Woo Product inquiry and quote plugin.

Easy to use backend setting

As a total beginner, I would like to tell you that this plugin has very simple backend settings, you don’t have to make an extra effort to edit it just read the options and you will get how to use it. You can add the Add to Quote button with just one click, it is as simple as that.

Compatible with all multi-vendor plugins

It is compatible with multi-vendor plugins too so if you are planning to create a multi-vendor website this plugin will help you with every necessary setting.

Customize it according to your needs

Of course, you need a plugin that can be customized according to your requirement. Woo product inquiries and quotes will give you a fully customized options and that is why this plugin is one of the best plugins for your WooCommerce store.

Features of Woo product inquiry and quote plugin

Woo price and quote g

Plugin features are always one the most important thing to consider. Here are some features of it that can help you to under it better.

Vendors can hide product price

There are many times when you need to hide products price from your product page. For example – you want better price negotiation, increase customer curiosity, better engagement, and more. Now you can remove the product price with just one click.

Choose who can see the Add to Quote button

add to quote q

Choose who can see the Add to Quote button. From the setting, you can customize it and select the user role whom you want to show that button.

Choose redirect option

After adding a quote for a product user will get the read more option. You can decide where you want them to redirect from that option. Whether you want them on the cart page or you want them to read your blogs.

On which product do you want to show the “Add to Quote” button

You can add a quote button to all the products but if you want them to add it category wise you can do it. Like if you select one category for it that means adding to the quote button will show all the products that are in that category. 

Group quote request

grp quote
Request group quote

If your customer is interested in one and more than one product, he can ask quotation for a group of products with Woo product inquiry and quote.

Change the text of the buttons

You can change the text of your button according to your requirement. For example, you can change the text “Add to quote” to “Request for Quote”. It setting does not take any extra effort to make any change.

Giving options to your customers so they ask the details about the product is very engaging. It is one of the best ways to data from your customers to do lead generation. You can use the data for email marketing to get the conversion for your business.

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