Are you willing to start a service business? A service business can be quite tricky. You must have a proper idea regarding what services to sell online.

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Services You Can Sell Online

Before starting your business, you should carry out detailed research regarding the services that are currently trending in the market. You should also find out which of these services will turn out to be profitable for your business. Here we have enlisted some of the most popular services that you can sell online:

1. Beauty, Fitness & Wellness

Online beauty, fitness and wellness services have become widely popular. It helps to connect professionals with the clients. The professionals will be able to display the services they have to offer to the clients in an organized way on their website. The clients will be able to book the services. The professionals will also be able to accept payments online. They can then send their staff to the client’s place and give them the services that they have booked.

2. Food & Travel

Food & Travel

Food and Travel services are the most popular online services. This kind of service allows travellers and hikers to plan their journeys. You will be able to book tickets and hotels online. Independent tour guide services are available which allows tourists to plan their tours systematically. Only food services let people order food online. The food items can be directly delivered to their places. You will also be able to reserve seats to restaurants online.

3. Coaching & Sales

Coaching and Sales services connect business owners to the distributors, manufacturers and service providers. If you are an expert, then you will also be able to accept coaching calls from your clients and accept hourly rates for your calls. You can also set up an online coaching platform and offer different types of courses to the interested candidates. You can then provide online certification to the candidates after successful completion of the course.

4. Freelance

There are hundreds of freelancers who are ready to sell their services online. Some of the most popular field of work for the freelancers include graphics designing, content writing, web development, digital marketing, etc. Top companies hire these freelancers and get their jobs done online. These freelancers complete their projects from their homes and demand payment online.  You may also look for jobs in such freelance platforms. 

5. Home Maintenance & Repair

Home Maintenance and Repair service providers provide information about cleaners, plumbers, furniture assemblers and painters in your area. They also help the customers to connect with home maintenance professionals and movers and packers. Some service providers allow you to book these services online. They will then send the required person to your place to get your service done.

6. Teaching & Tutoring

E-Learning platforms have become extremely popular these days. There are thousands of coaching centres available which offer online courses to the students. Online methods of learning have a number of advantages as compared to primitive methods. Over hundreds of courses are available online. You will be able to display all your courses before your learners in an organized way. You may accept the entire payment from your customers at one go or you can also accept the payment in instalments. The course material can be provided in PDF or video format.

7. People & Pet Care

If you own a child care or a pet care centre, then you will be able to create a website and display all the services offered by you before your customers. This will help you to know about your customers in detail. They may also directly book your services online. In that case, your customers will be able to make their payments online using online payment methods. This will help you to increase your sale and also boost your business

8. Translation

sell services online

A translation website allows translators and interpreters to sell their services online. They basically translate a particular content to another language and charge a fee for their work. There are hundreds of companies who take the help of these translators to translate various projects. Displaying your services online will help you to get clients from across the world.

9. Voice-Over & Narration

Voice-Over & Narration and service providers can connect with authors and publishers for different voice-over works and narrations. Such online service providers provide a job to a number of freelancers. It allows authors and publishers to directly hire freelancers from your website. You will also be able to earn a commission from every service you provide to your clients. Voice-Over & Narration service websites make it extremely easy for big and small companies to look for voice actors for their videos and commercials.

10. Virtual Agent

Virtual agent service providers provide customer service staffing needs to people. He/She is responsible for making phone calls, scheduling appointments, entering data and finding hotels. Business owners take the help of such service providers to help them in their business.

11. Web Design & Development

WordPress Website

There are thousands of companies that provide online web development services. The web developers carefully take details of the client’s requirements and develop a website for their clients. They then accept online payment from their clients.

What is the importance of creating a website to sell services online?

Your service business will not get the desired success until and unless you don’t design a perfect website for yourself. Your website should look elegant and eye-catching. Only then will you be able to attract your customers towards your website. You should display the details of all the services in an organized way. One way to create a website is by taking the help of WordPress. Using WordPress, you will be able to design your website all by yourself without having to hire a professional web developer. You can also add different plugins to your website to improve its functionality.

Selling online services can be an extremely profitable business. However, you will have to present your services before your users in an appealing way. Only then will you be able to drive traffic towards your website. What other services can you sell online?

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